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Morning Cheat Sheet: The Year in Vogue, Bring on the Round-Ups, Michelle Obama Thrifts

2010 in Vogue -- all at once! Thanks, Gawker!

Bring on the year-in-review round-ups! This one courtesy of Refinery29.

Michelle Obama wears a thrifted dress. No, it's not from Goodwill, so stop asking.

So much long underwear!

Chloe Sevignycites the internet for destroying cool things. Internet to Sevigny: "Eh, we never liked her that much anyway." Story at nine.

Jerry Hall decided to be a model after tripping on acid. We just woke up sore and cranky and late for school.

A study finds that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed news-consumers in the market. In other news, the Pope is, in fact, Catholic.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Darkpreviews pushed...again.

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