Fred Schneider's Favorite Christmas Albums

In the last 50 years, Christmas music has become quite the racket for musicians. If you don't have the time, heart, or ideas to make a new album of your own, you can dip into the studio with a handful of hymns and pretty much guarantee that there's going to be an audience ready and willing to buy your holiday tunes. But some musicians make a holiday album because they -- gasp -- actually love the music that has come to be associated with Christmas.

Take Fred Schneider -- the mastermind behind the B-52s -- who just released a Christmas album with his band The Superions. Destination... Christmas! covers "all the Christmas themes: yetis, avalanches, and fruitcake," Schneider says and offers an untraditional -- and unexpected -- take on our favorite time of the year.

Schneider recently stopped by the Out studio to chat about Destination... Christmas! and he brought along his all-time favorite Christmas albums (which run the gamut from the bizarre to the straight up insane) from his massive vinyl collection:

Destination... Christmas! is available now on iTunes and For more on Fred Schneider, follow him on Twitter.


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