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...Because She's Madonna...

So in case you hadn't heard, Europe must have been bad this year 'cause Mother Nature is not so pleased with them and has been vomiting snow onto the continent ensuring everyone is forced to pile on their extra layers of Snuggies before stepping outside. This has been doing all sorts of bad things to our airplane friends, as you can imagine. One lucky group of fliers got an interesting surprise, though, when they found themselves in flight with her Madgesty herself. But some people are just never happy, you know? It seems some first class big shots were none too pleased with the way Madonna behaved herself when they were stuck on the tarmac. The Daily Mail is reporting:

According to fellow passengers in upper class, Madonna and her entourage were allowed off first and whisked away by bus to the terminal two hours before everyone else. But not before she handed out some impromptu in-flight entertainment.

Says one passenger: 'It was bad enough having to wait, but then she started doing her yoga in the aisles.

'After about an hour, a bus came along and took her and her party of about 15 off the plane. It seemed a little unfair -- it's not like she is the President or anything. The rest of us all had to wait for another two hours.

Um, first of all, when Madonna is on your flight, you better take a picture. Then, if she starts doing yoga (editor's note: I like how the quoted passenger calls it "her yoga," as if she invented it), you better tape that and sell it to the nearest pap for at least a couple grand. Or at very least show her your best downward dog. And lastly, if you would have been the one to take your classical ballet training and apply it to the stripper pole with a catchy melody, then maybe, just maaaaaaaybe, you'd deserve the "presidential" treatment Madonna gets. But you didn't. So you have to sit in the plane for two more hours. Madonna has little African babies to feed and new choreography to learn and new songs to sing and macrobiotic dinners to make for Gwenyth Paltrow. What was this first class passenger going to do when they got home? Unpack their own bags, a task that Madonna would never do herself. Get over it. Madonna is cooler than you and thusly deserves a party bus to pick her up wherever and whenever she wants it.

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