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Need to Know: Tom Judson

Need to Know: Tom Judson

So nothing frightens you?
Actually, dancing frightens me. I can't dance -- not even on a speaker in a club -- and I'm always asked to.

But you were on Broadway. They don't hire klutzes. You must have had to dance?
In 42nd Street, I played the part of the rehearsal pianist, and in Cabaret I learned the steps but I had absolutely no style.

Well at least you don't have to dance in Canned Ham, although you do have to run around in a jockstrap. What does your family think about that? Have they seen the show?
My sister is great. My parents came to see it and afterwards they hugged me, but never said a word.

That's hilarious!
That's how my family is. When I told them I was going to do porn, my mother said, "Do we want to know any more about it?"

Again hilarious! Do you ever regret doing porn -- or anything else you've done?
There's nothing I regret, even things that failed. Everything I've done has gotten me here where I am and I'm happy.

Do you miss any of the things you're no longer doing?
I miss making porn a little. I had a lot of fun with the crew. And I kind of would like to do another big show. But for now I'm looking forward to touring with Canned Ham which will include several weekends at Dixon Place in March or April. I'm also planning on working with Varla again. She's brilliant and we have a great time.

Do you think you'll do another one-man show after Canned Ham closes?
This is the part of my life I want to share right now, basically the past 15 years. Another show would have to be another period of my life. I want to go live it first.

Judson celebrates his 50th birthday this Sunday with a benefit performance of Canned Ham for Dixon Place, which provides a space for literary and performing artists to create and develop new works in front of a live audience. Tickets levels vary from $20-$500. For reservations & advanced tickets or call 212.219.0736.


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