It's Spreading: The A List is Going Global


Just when we thought it would soon be safe to turn our television sets back on, we learned the popular(?) Logo television show The A List is going to soon be infecting other cities. Up next are Los Angeles (typical) and Dallas (huh?) where Gawker hears the production company True Entertainment -- yes, that's who you can blame for this hot mess -- is going to be holding casting calls. 

This deserves a big time eye-roll if you ask us. It's embarrassing enough to have these bottom-feeders (haha, pun intended) giving New York a bad name, but to make it a nation-wide mortification parade is just too, too much. Now we'll be honest,  the show is amusing at times, but it mostly just reinforces awful stereotypes -- in addition to creating awful new ones -- that set our cause back as opposed to moving it forward.


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