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What's He Listening To? Christopher Bailey of Burberry Curates a Special Acoustic Playlist

It's no big secret that fashion and music have always been friendly bedfellows. This past NYFW when we were sitting at the shows, we got to thinking about how what a designer plays during their show or presentation is almost as important as the actual clothing. You can tell immediately if they were feeling fun and frisky, or if they were a bit somber and cranky these past few months. You can tell if these are break-up clothes, or breakthrough clothes. Burberry's Christopher Bailey is no exception to this rule.

Like many other designers, Bailey and his team are inspired by music, and it heavily informs the brand's aesthetic. You can tell by the sexy, hip collections he's been churning out lately that he would, of course, have his fingers on the pulse of London's music scene. What we like is that Bailey isn't throwing us some tired old artists who always make the fashion rounds (Courtney and Kanye, we're looking at you). Instead, he dares to present us with some groups that are just starting out but are, nevertheless, quite talented. It's easy to rally behind the mega-stars that have already risen to the heights of fame, but for Bailey, he'd rather give a little push to those who have the potential for greatness, and for that, we're grateful. Here are two bands that the label featured that we are totally smitten with:

Band: Ramona Song: How Long

Oh, girl. Listen to those lyrics. We've all been there before.

Band: Life in Film Song: Alleyway

Loving the pop-y, quirky vibe these guys are giving off. Notice how the percussionist is using his feet to pound out a beat? Love that. Also, you may recognize the dreamy lead singer her -- he's also starred in Burberry campaigns.

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