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Truman Says

The Alien Stomper is Back!

Product placement used to be cool. And no, we don't mean you and your damned Converse sneakers, Will Smith ("A.I." - did you ever see such crass placement? And we love Converse, usually). We mean the classy moments when a character in a great movie has something on that we just sorta notice by the by, and think "I'd wear that ..."

So, step-forward in every sense, Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, wearing her Reebok CL Alien Stomper, way back in 1987. The beauty of these shoes was (aside from their actual beauty of course, and that of Sigourney herself) that they were made for the character in the movie, and so were rather functional and kinda futuristic. Of course, that meant Velcro, back in the '80s, but still, they looked the part. And that they were visible in detail only briefly was part of the magic.

A very limited number of pairs were made and sold then, and have become sought-after classics. Now, the line is being reissued in three new color combinations, and are already being offered for as little as $70 online. If only they had Sigourney still advertising them.

Advocate Channel - HuluOut / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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