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Doctor Who: A Madman with a Box

Not to give much plot away or, at least, the little of it that there is (the episode is more of an introduction to these new characters rather than a daring adventure), let's just say there's an evil crack in young Amelia Pond's wall and the Doctor crash lands in her garden, right on cue. With a bit of bonding over fish custard, the Doctor, in tattered clothes and a manic state of self-discovery, rushes around trying to solve the mystery. Then rushes off with a promise to return in five minutes. Which turns into twelve years.

When the Doctor next meets Amelia (a feisty Karen Gillan), she's head-strong, strong-willed and is no longer willing to trust this mad alien that had so disappointed her. But not even she can stay angry with him forever. By the end of the episode, with a very scholarly Eleven in a tweed jacket and bow tie, she accepts the exciting role as his companion and steps on board ready to recapture the awe of her childhood.

In the capable hands of Steven Moffat -- the man who brought us "Blink," arguably the scariest episode of all time involving angel statues - everything have been redesigned from top to bottom. Besides the obvious change of lead actor, even the show's theme song, logo and the Doctor's iconic time-travelling blue box, which is now equipped with a typewriter, gramophone and Morse-code machine for all his high-tech needs, have been given a new coat of paint.

Catch the premiere of the show April 17th at 9pm on BBCAmerica. But if you want to catch it earlier and get a chance to ask head writer Steven Moffat or stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan a question, the three will be presenting the first episode of the new Who at Village East Cinema on April 14th at 7pm. The event is open to everyone, but is on a first come first serve basis, so we recommend you get there sooner rather than later.


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