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The Queer Week in Review: 11/2 - 11/6

Glass Houses

Why is it so difficult for people to walk the walk and not just talk the talk? If you're a politician trying to keep the gays down, shouldn't you be, you know, NOT gay? If you preach Christianity, shouldn't you be a good Christian? It wasn't long after news broke that Carrie Prejean and the Miss California Organization had settled their lawsuits out of court that the reason for the sudden settlement made headlines. Seems the Queen of Christian Values had a sex tape, which she wanted to keep hush-hush, so she walked away from a million dollar claim with nothing. Sex tapes are no big deal, but if you're going to come out in support of "traditional marriage," shouldn't that include sex only within said marriage? It's not that you're a plasticated whore, honey, it's that you're a hypocrite. The funny thing is, it appears there are no buyers for the tape. Surprisingly few people want to see a good girl going bad.

Memoirs of a Former Jenny Craig Spokeswoman

So Kirstie Alley is set to be in a reality show on A&E. About weight loss. No surprise there. Is there anything else she's famous for anymore? But do people really want to spend time with this self-proclaimed "Fat Actress"? (I'd add "abrasive" to that too.) Do you care about her weight problems? Seriously, people. Discuss.

Rue the Day

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan was due to be feted next week in San Francisco, but had to pull out because of heart bypass surgery. Golden: A Gala Tribute to Rue McClanahan was set for November 14 at the Castro Theatre, with clips, a theme-song sing-along, and a look-a-like contest. The erstwhile Blanche Devereaux said she was devastated at having to pull out of the event, adding, "Trust me, I'd much rather be in San Francisco having fun and being adored by all of you." I think she knows she's adored wherever she is.

Maine Event

Some kid posted on YouTube this video of people lip synching to the Lily Allen song "Fuck You." Heartened me after the defeat in Maine. Maybe it will hearten you too.


Photo: Getty Images

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