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Stripping Down With the Men of New Moon

I admit it: I couldn't care less about Twilight -- and to be totally honest -- I'd rather stake myself in the heart than be confronted by another mopey vampire at the newsstand or on my television set shilling Volvos. However, I will get behind all the half-naked guys running around the set of New Moon -- chief among them Taylor Lautner, who put on 30 pounds of muscle to play the role of were-twink Jacob Black (I am the only one who thinks it's weird that the werewolves in this movie are all waxed within an inch of their lupine lives?).

"Obviously I spent a lot of hours in the gym," says Lautner via the BBC. "The most important part for me was the eating process. I had to double or triple my calorie intake per day. It was a matter of eating every two hours, disgusting things like meat patties and raw almonds and sweet potatoes." (Sweet potatoes and almonds are disgusting? How old is this guy? 4?) But Lautner isn't the only one who'll be flashing a nipple or two when New Moon hits theaters on November 20. Robert Pattinson, the film's pasty lead, recently said, "I was really terrified [of going shirtless]. I hadn't worked out at all, and I saw Taylor at the beginning of the year and I did feel incredibly inadequate."

I wouldn't worry too much, Bobby. At this point no matter what you do, countless teenage girls, middle-age women and a healthy handful of gay men will still be knocking on your coffin lid.


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