The Gayest Monsters


Seeing as Halloween is approaching -- and because we had such a good time whipping together The Gayest Cartoon Characters a few weeks ago -- we rounded up the gayest monsters we could find and forced them to pose for our slide show on Among the badly behaved ghouls we bestowed the esteemed honor upon are Regan from the Exorcist, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, the "weretwinks" from Twilight: New Moon and Skeletor from the live action He-Man film:

Once you've had your fill of campy terror, head over to the website for NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES to learn about this year's special blood sucking incarnation of New York City's premier haunted house. A fully immersive adventure set in the fictional Museum of Vampyric Artifcats (MoVa), NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES tells a story that unfolds around participants in real time as they make their way through the museum in the midst of a vampire attack.

Extra fun: Wednesday, October 14 from 6-10pm is gay night. For discounted tickets using code: GAYNIGHT1, head here.


See the rest of The Gayest Monsters slide show here.

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