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Suvrivor: Samoa -- Shambo's Struggle

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Survivor: Samoa ambled on in a Shannon "Shambo" Waters-centric (left) episode, with the lesbianic former Marine labeled both "Gilligan" and "socially awkward." The only thing more awkward would be if the Ms. Mullet had overheard it. But to have someone deem you that in a game where social skills are nothing short of critical just makes it that much worse for her relationship with the other contestants, whether she realizes it or not. Especially after both losing some of the fishing gear and breaking some of the fishing gear. And letting a chicken escape. (She certainly suffered the consequences for it when Russell banished her to the other tribe again, which kept her from enjoying the barbecue reward -- all the more galling because she shined in the always-popular gross-food-eating contest.)

For all that, though, I still root for Shambo. She means well, she has a good attitude and she helps around camp, and I just like her. On the flip side, it was satisfying to see the fractured Foa Foa tribe go down again. I wish Russell weren't unnecessarily nasty, but aside from that, he's playing a really smart game. And though it appeared the tribe would have a fractured vote, he got what he wanted when it was a landslide against good-natured Ashley, who had tanked at both challenges. Hey, at least no one called her Gilligan.


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