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You wear some interesting outfits in the video for "Domino Effect." Do you typically wear things like metal bras?
Yeah, it looked metal, but it wasn't. I think my stylist designed that actually. When I saw it, I was like, "OK... sure." But it worked really well on camera, and it sticks out. You remember it, don't you?

I sure do. Was it hard to keep your hands off all those male dancers?
No, it wasn't hard actually. [Laughs]. No, No, they were cool. When we worked with them, we were really new, and we had lots of rehearsals. We kind of built relationships with them, and they were just really funny. We were really bubbly -- me, Aisha, and the guys. You know, there was no... that's all it was. Keeping it professional!

Okay, so what made you decide to try and break into the US market now?
Well, we want to break into every market, to be honest... eventually. We really like the vibe over here, and we've been here before -- we came last year. So we kind of know what they're looking for. Obviously they like talent, they like great voices, and we can definitely, definitely bring that. With performance, as well. And you know, why not?

Stereotypical gay website question: Who is your favorite famous gay?
Um, I don't know actually if you're going to know him. He's a comedian in the UK called Allen Carr. He's just so funny. So, so, so funny. He's got like a talk show, and he's obviously very, very talented, and I love him for it. And I heard Wentworth Miller from Prison Break is, as well.

I hope so!
[Laughs]. No, I don't!

Would you two consider some girl-on-girl action in the next music video?
Whatever it takes, really! No, I don't know. It depends, doesn't it? It depends what the song's about. On stage, it's acting, and in the videos, it's all acting. You know, it is what it is. I mean, if that were the case, we'd only be acting, wouldn't we?

Finally, Circus tour Britney or "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Britney? Britney now or Britney then?
Britney then, to be honest. It brings back memories, I was a fan. But I went to the Circus tour, and it was very extravagant! It was crazy, a crazy show!

Addictive's new single, "Domino Effect" is out now. For more info check out their MySpace page.


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