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The Lair Gets Inked

With True Blood racking up higher ratings every week and a copy of Twilight smacking you in the face every time you sit on the subway, it seems that vampires are all the rage this summer. Some have had a love affair for years (I have a Sunnydale High yearbook), and some have been bitten recently by Edward, the smoldering teenage vamp in The Twilight Saga. But for Here! TV viewers, vampires have been on the brain for a couple of years now with the original series The Lair being a Here! hit.

Set in a small island town, The Lair follows Thom, a journalist investigating murders of young men around the town. His investigation leads him to a sex club called The Lair, where a coven of vampires await their next victims after finishing with them sexually.

After two seasons on here!, The Lair has gathered a cult following, and with the third season premiering on September 4, you can head over to The show's website and read, among other things, a Lair comic book. Though it's currently only four pages long (the other four pages will follow in the coming weeks, leading up to the season premiere), the comic does a great job of filling in the events between seasons two and three, and granting the reader a one-page insight into the characters. Without being held back by the budget of the show, the creators are free to show werewolves and demons without breaking the Here! bank. It's always nice to see an idea with a limited budget being able to live out its wildest adventures on the comic page.


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