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Idols to Haters: **** Off

Idols to Haters: **** Off

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No matter where you came down in American Idol's so-called culture war -- the one that seemingly forced us all to choose either glammed up gay rocker Adam Lambert or down home nice guy Kris Allen -- the show's top 10 contestants, currently on a cross-country arena tour, have one message they want you hear: All for one and one for all.

The good behavior comes from the top down. Allen, who won the show's crown, spent half his allotted press conference time before and after the finale asking people please not to vote for him because he's a Christian, and defending his friendship with Lambert no matter how they might be different. (Since then he's upped the ante by declaring Lambert's crush on him a mutual bromance.)

Still, when Fred Phelps-style protesters showed up at last night's show in San Jose, armed with their usual bullshit about how homos and all who abide them are going straight to hell, they might have been hoping for at least a little backstage support from one of the season's most devout and outspoken Christians: #10 ruff-and-tuff oil rigger Michael Sarver.

"For those outside protesting I say do not judge less ye be judged yourself. Guys don't mind these people we are a strong family," Sarver Twittered, followed by: "We are together in this this thing. You mess with one you mess with all ten. We are strong and we are 1." Because those two blurbs apparently weren't enough, he then added: "Funny how people think it's a good idea to mess with a big Texan and his AI family. Lol Adam is just fine, shakes it off and so should we."

Awww, it's like an old-school episode of the Real World up in here, everyone learning about each other's differences and growing as people and shit. One sweet suggestion we'd like to put on the table for the rest of this summer-long, 50-city tour? Call the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence chapter in your local city and pre-arrange for some counter-protesting. That'll give the kids something to tweet about.


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