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True Blood gets (even) gay(er)

So, not only do we have the world's most fey vampire, but we might just be on the verge of the world's only hot black gay vampire. Could life -- or undeath or whatever the cool kids call it these days -- get any better?

First the fey -- Eric and his highlights. He has that whole Eurogay thing going on anyway, you know, where you really can't tell because they all do that laconic, louche and limp thing. Even his name, too: Eric? Not even kids in Harry Potter are called Eric. He also always has that haggy old vamp bitch hanging on his arm, but that's fooling no-one, right? And let's not even start talking about the way he stares at Bill.
But last night, in the debut of the series second season, Eric is interrupted and has to come down to the torture chamber/hot new bar/inside of a huge watch with the foil still in his hair, mid-dye. This of course opens up all sorts of speculation re: vampires and their hair/nails etc. Do they need haircuts? Manicures? Or does their hair just regenerate to whatever it was when they were made into the undead? If they were alive during the 80s, say, will they forever be sporting/battling a Flock of Seagulls hairdo?

AND, who should be chained up in the cellar but Lafayette, who is as gay as gay can get, and has, since last we saw him, grown a beard. Now, Eric has him there (a) to satisfy his closeted desires and (b) because Lafayette has been selling "V" -- vampire blood -- to junkies. OK (a) is made up, for now anyway, but did you notice Lafayatte is topless?

Now, most of the folks in the cellar seem to get eaten. And that's no euphemism. But we saw a flash forward to next Sunday's episode where Lafayette is suggesting to Eric that he be made into a vampire. Which would surely make sense all round, right? I mean, no WAY will True Blood throw away the best character? Or would fey plus gay be outre?

Stay tuned ...

-- DG

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