Man (and cloned man) on the Moon

In these final weeks of his contract abroad, Sam begins to experience cognitive glitches, lapses in memory, hallucinations, which are either a side effect of isolation, or something darker. Then, after Sam’s near-fatal crash with a drilling base on the moon’s surface, the façade of his existence begins to crumble as another Sam arrives on the base. Yes, we are talking about an honest-to-God clone here. But who exactly is the true Sam? Are they both clones? And if so, what would be left if everything “Sam” had worked for -- his family, his purpose -- had been fabricated by the company?

Jones is very clever to combine kitschy themes -- cloning, human-like robotics -- with a sinister plot of nihilistic corporatism. Paired with Sam Rockwell’s brilliant performance alongside himself, Moon is a triumphant homage that pats its space-junky viewers on the back, while also giving them an intriguing thriller that’s relatable and somewhat grounded.


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Tags: Popnography

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