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Girl In A Coma wakes up NYC

As the last entry in Summerwood's June music series featuring LGBT and LGBT-friendly artists, San Antonio's Girl in a Coma had some tough acts to follow, like Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and Little Richard, but they managed more than admirably.

The hour-long set list consisted of cuts from their new album Trio B.C., which was released on Joan Jett's record label -- and there's no better endorsement than that. Each track, whether electric, soft, or a mix of both (we think of it as the best of both worlds) played out like a party. The crowd was fairly small, but dedicated and was delighted from the first strains of the Spanish guitar sounding riffs of album opener "BB." Frontwoman Nina Diaz belted out single "Baby Boy" for all she was worth, occasionally breaking away from her mic stand to careen around as if her guitar was trying to escape.

Phanie, the band's drummer and Nina's sister, beat it out for "Static Mind," "which is a love song, if you want it to be," or so said Jenn, their totally fierce (in the original sense of the word -- not the Tyra Banks co-opted sense) bassist. "El Monte" slowed it down and could be considered a more straightforward (if you'll allow) love song as the lyrics are mostly a heartfelt "I do," repeated over and over. For a festive feel, the venue provided colorful confetti showers throughout the show and several lady loving ladies got cozier as they danced together.

Check out the band's Wish You Were Here photo tour diary exclusively at

For a full list of tour dates, check out their MySpace page.


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