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Away We Go

Many reviewers have said this movie will sneak up on you and get under your skin, and I couldn't agree more -- except in the opposite direction. I was with the movie for the most part -- Rudolph looks stunning onscreen, is wonderfully understated as an actor, especially given that she's predominantly known as one of the actually funny cast members on SNL; Krazinski wears beard and rumpled hipster well, and he sometimes goes overboard on the goofy, but he's so good-natured its hard to be annoyed.

In the background are sweet songs that were half-Nick Drake, half-Jose Gonzales, lulling us while the camera the pans of lovely landscape of cross-country travel. The first half of the film is front-loaded with humor and packs in the quirky it's-cliche-but-it's-true characters (who are, at times, actually obscene, creepy, and criminal, but that's OK, it's a comedy! Don't let our attempts to dabble in realism fool you into holding us accountable!) and the second half of the film goes deep and sad and cleverness is exchanged for more emotional depth. However, the ending felt unearned and completely lost me. They are so concerned with being around family and people while raising their kid, but then blow the natural opportunity that is right in front of their face and make a final decision that feels selfish. The more time away I have from the movie, the more I feel annoyed by it. But don't let me my sensitivity dissuade you, if you were a big fan of the wedding scenes in Rachel Getting Married, you'll probably dig this movie.



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