Cobra Starship knows how to work it

Cobra Starship knows how to work it

"I got a lot of hot pictures of your ass."

So goes an email I sent to
Cobra Starship's lead singer, Gabe Saporta, just after their set opening up for
Fall Out Boy's Believers Never Die Part Two tour in Columbia, Maryland. It's
not that Saporta can really help it though. Throughout their sadly too short 30
minute set the singer was continuously off the stage and standing on the speaker
supports that got him precious feet closer to the audience of screaming fans,
which meant as a photographer I could get a better shot of his backside more
often than I could of his face. Luckily Saporta knows how to work it, dropping
down low and moving around the stage so fast that he sometimes becomes nothing
more than a neon blur. He also knows how to sex it up as an equal-opportunity
frontman with both his female and male bandmates, both getting on his knees of
keytarist Victoria Asher and flirting with bassist Alex Suarez from song to
song. And while most other opening bands try to cram as many songs into a set
as possible, Saporta knows the banter is just as important as the

"I've sucked a lot of dick to get here," Saporta intoned as the
introduction to their new single, "and this is a song about that dick." That
segues into 'Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous,' an infectious new tune
that instructs the listener that they can "ride to the top, but you can't ride
on (Saporta's) cock."  Regardless of how Cobra Starship came by their fame,
they've obviously earned it.

To see more of Rae's pictures of Gabe (and
his ass) head over to


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