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Peaches: School is back in session


Ten years after she commanded the masses to find solace by fucking the pain away, the self-proclaimed queen of "electro-crap" is still at the top of her game. On May 5 Peaches will release I Feel Cream, her fourth album, which finds her singing more, rapping more, and just as filthy as ever (exactly how we like her).

We caught up with her a few weeks ago at The Slipper Room, NYC's famed burlesque club to chat about the new album, getting name dropped by some of the biggest names in the industry (Madge, Brit, maybe even Radiohead) and the perils of presenting such a sexually explicit -- and liberated -- persona:

Out: What's the weirdest exchange you've ever had with a groupie? I feel like you must have some really crazy fans.
Peaches: I've
had some crazy exchanges. There was this time when I sitting beside
somebody and I said something like, "Can you pass the water?" They must
on been on so many drugs that they tried to stick their thumb up my
ass. It's like, "What are you doing? Why would you think I would ask
for that?"

Maybe because your onstage persona so sexualized that people think they not have the right but --
There's a line between consent and attacking somebody.

For more juicy bits, check out the video interview above and then head over to to read the full, uncut (heh) Q&A.

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