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Watchmen's queer(ish) universe

In the modern day setting of Watchmen, the only character who seems possibly gay is Ozymandias, aka Adrian Veidt, who is part of the present day Watchmen, and is eventually revealed (SPOILER ALERT!) as the villain who is orchestrating the genocide to stop the nuclear war. In the graphic novel, Rorschach, who is investigating the death of The Comedian, after interrogating Ozymandius, says "Possibly homosexual. Must investigate further." Though he is never outed in the book or film, Ozymandias, with his blond hair and chiseled superhero body, looks as though he could be screentesting for the latest Bel Ami video instead of fighting crime (and preparing the genocide of millions).

We know you've read this entire article hoping for the answer to one question, and no, the muscular naked blue man (pictured above) you've been staring at on the posters is not gay. Dr. Manhattan (played in the film by Billy Crudup) is one of the central characters in Watchmen and is also sadly, straight as an arrow, but that doesn't mean you can't imagine running your hands over his radioactive blue six-pack. Though most of the characters may be "straight", the director, Zac Snyder is never short on gay subtext (he also directed the homoerotic warriorfest that is 300), so when you see Watchmen this weekend, kick back, take in the spandex, and fantacize about the love that could have been between Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan.


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