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I Love You, Man: A bromance for the new millenium

There's much less gay-for-laughs than one might expect, even compared to Blades of Glory. Peter's gay brother is played by Out cover boy Andy Samberg, who is totally believable as the hot personal trainer dude who bags even the straight guys at the gym. And when there is the inevitable "man-date mistaken for gay-date ending in making out" scene, it's played as equally awkward as Peter's other failed attempts to find new buddies, but definitely less traumatic than the accidental vomiting (yeah, there's still some gross-out dude humor mixed in, but it's kept to a relatively tasteful level).

As much as I would love to actually see Jason Segal and Paul Rudd doing it (or even getting completely naked), the bromance movie is earnest and sweet, perfectly capturing the phenomenon of friend-crushes and how we all have varying relationships and love that transcend stereotypically fixed categories. Or maybe I just really loved hearing two guys talk about their masturbation rituals.


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