Don't book a Witch Mountain escape

"Disney did not bring their A-game," said my friend after the matinee. You know what would have made the movie better? Well, yes, better-filmed action scenes, less cheesy dialogue and special effects, and a more complicated plot. But also, if it had just premiered as a Sunday night movie-of-the-week as part of the Wonderful World of Disney. So if you do get dragged by the kids or your curiosity for Dwayne, lower those expectations. Entertain yourself with spotting the cameo by Kim Richards, one of the former child actors from the original [ed note: and wonderful!] Witch Mountain, and make sure you notice a certain television reporter named Natalie Gann -- the hero of the formative tomboy classic The Journey of Natty Gann is all grown up!


> Watchmen delivers

Tags: Popnography

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