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Truman Says

Kanye West wants to steal our rainbow

Now, Kanye, that may have come off as a little harsh. But you've got to feel us on this one. Like we said, let's work on something mutual. After all, you have been rather friendly to we gays, and we don't want to damage that relationship. We do actually appreciate what else you said in your interview with Sway while addresses those who say you dress gay:

"Well, it's like when people say, 'Give me a natural pose.' You can't pose natural. If you're posing, then it's not natural no more. So it's statements that people say. 'Dressing gay' you can't dress like ... Your dress don't give away whether or not you like a man. Think about actors that straight dress up like a woman or something like that. People wanna label me and throw that on me all the time, but I'm so secure with my manhood. And that's the reason why I can go to Paris, why I can have conversations with people who are blatantly gay. 'Cause I used to be scared to talk to a gay person. It's designers that's scared of people in hip-hop. And in hip hop, there's people -- and let's not even say scared like homophobic -- but they're scared of the way people gonna look at them. If you see a person be like, 'I don't wanna stand next to Marc Jacobs 'cause I don't want that to bear on me because I'm just so cool.' One of the reasons why, the perspective I come from with my raps and my songs, the reason why can't nobody dis me -- no gangsta rapper, nobody can really dis me is 'cause it's so authentic."

So, all in all, we're glad you like fashion, we're glad you got over your fear of gay people, and we're glad you appreciate our style. But, fashion is for anyone and everyone who wants it in whatever capacity they want it, rainbows included.


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