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It's Just Not That Amazing For Us

The ad campaign is trying very hard to let you know this isn't just a regular chick flick, and on the website for the movie you can watch a short film of the cute male stars re-enacting the top 10 romantic movie cliches you will NOT see in the movie.....with each other. Not only is it hot full-frontal bromance in action, it's funny, which is something significant the main movie lacks. The film nails the pathos aspect of the romantic comedy genre really well, which isn't completely surprising given much of the cast of People-magazine cover darlings can actually act. (Ben Affleck even got me a little misty-eyed at the end, I must admit.)

But most of the laughing I did was at the movie, not with the movie, especially all the scenes with Drew "You Smell Like Flowers" Barrymore. I don't mind watching Drew badly-acting in most anything, and this movie is not unbearable, but this is no star-power interweaving stories in the vein of Robert Altman; its closer to first season episodes of Sex and the City before hitting its stride


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