Quickies: Michael Williamson for H&M, David LaChapelle on display and more

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Matthew Williamson will debut his first ever menswear pieces in a capsule collection for H&M this summer. The roll out will begin in April with signature women's pieces in bright colors, followed by his menswear in the summer months. [Market Watch]

David LaChapelle (pictured) is opening a photo exhibition at the Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris. Running from Feb. 5th to May 31st, the collection will include over 200 images snapped by LaChapelle -- including one of a crowned Madonna clutching a thorny heart -- as well as a new series of 3-D photo installations. Are those groovy plastic glasses included? [WWD]

DNR, in one of its last authoritarian decrees before bowing out, named the top 50 mega brands. The top 5? Fruit of the Loom, Levi's, Hanes, Wrangler and Dockers. Thank you, middle America. [DNR]

Balmain will unveil a new men's collection in Paris in January during men's fashion week. It may be a little behind schedule, but designer Christopher Decarnin's stuff should be worth the wait. [WWD]

Opening for Business: Zilli's -- one of the world's most expensive menswear labels -- debuts a 2,150-square-foot unit in the jet-set ski resort Courchevel in the French Alps.


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