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Thou shalt covet: The Osim Nioi aromachology alarm clock


Monday mornings are the absolute worst. You're five unthinkably long days away from the next weekend and your alarm clock always sounds shriller and more unwelcoming than any other day of the week. We're guessing this is exactly the sad state of affairs that inspired designer Alfie Lake to invent the clever Osim Nioi aromachology alarm clock.

Rather than utilizing jarring beeps, sirens, or buzzers that jolt you from sleep -- rendering you petulant for the rest of the day -- the clock emits pleasant smells that gently wake you. You simply load the device with one of three scent cartridges, like the one labeled "fresh bread," and as the pre-selected time approaches, the odor intensifies. The clock can also be outfitted and programmed to release calming scents like lavender while you sleep, which will supposedly relax the body and ensures a restful night.

Other than worrying about what smelling fresh baked bread first thing every morning might do to our already dangerously out of control high carb cravings, we're sold.

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