Must-haves vs. already-haves

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As fall lines hit stores, everyone is plastering the blogosphere with
"must-haves," as demonstrated here on Refinery 29. But, lest my fashion sensitive eyes deceive me, some of
the must-haves feel like already-haves from seasons past.
Shawl-collars? Leather jackets? Plaid? I understand the extension of a
trend, and I suppose it means I'm ahead of the curve, but something
fresh would be, well, refreshing. When you start naming pieces as ubiquitous as sweater vests "trends" you're losing sight of the inherent meaning of the word.

Where are the season's actual trends, like those photographed by Walter Chin in the recent Out spread? Where's the trouser-cut denim? The shearling? The workman's wear? The cropped coats? When it comes to trends we want the new, the noteworthy and the not-so-obvious. Looks like these are meant to come and go. The herringbone blazer and military jackets are the new classics, not trends -- and they most definitely should already be in your closet. One upside to this whole nomenclature mess? It's a great time to stock up on basics.


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