Smell This: Prada Fusion Scent; Smell This, too: Kapsule by Karl Lagerfeld; YSL Art Sale; Passing Judgment: David Beckham; Pierre Hardy's Barely There Gap Shoes

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After the continued success of Prada's women's scent Infusion d’Iris, Spanish company Puig is releasing a men's Infusion fragrance in October.  Similar to the female version, it combines Florentine iris with cedar, vetiver, olibanum and benzoin, and comes in a bottle modeled on the women’s version.  Sounds like Prada is running a little dry on originality over there...[Cosmetic News]

Karl Lagerfeld does it for the girls and boys with his new fragrance, Kapsule.  All three unisex scents will hit the States in November. Some of Lagerfeld's favorite scents? Fresh bread, vanilla, woods and spices.  Fresh bread?  Can we expect to smell like a bakery with these new scents?  Come November, we'll find out. [WWD]

For all you art-saavy men out there, it was just announced that Christie's will auction off a large portion of Yves Saint Laurent's art collection in February.  Estimated at nearly $600 million, his well stocked collection includes pieces from Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse, Goya and, of course, Warhol.  I've got my bidding paddle ready! [Fashionista]

Passing Judgment: David Beckham wore some hideous--and I mean hideous--eye wear when leaving a restaurant the other night.  Usually he's so impeccably dressed.  I'm calling for five more Armani Underwear ads to make up for this atrocity.  I'm already in touch with his people. [The Sun]

The thought of Pierre Hardy designing shoes for The Gap sent our little heads swirling with the possibilities of the vast array of footwear he would create.  Alas, the only thing we'll get out of him for fall is a pair of combat boots and a taupe desert boot.  He's such a tease, that Pierre Hardy.  [Material Interest]


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