How to Buy A Leather Jacket; Madonna Loses Her Fashion Edge; Rockports Get Rebooted; Guess? Upgraded

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Even if you're not the leather type in the bedroom, every guy should own a stylish leather jacket. Here's how to find the perfect one! [GQ]

Once daring, provocative and iconic, it's being claimed that Madonna
and her latest fashion trends are safe and just plain blah.   It's like
saying God can no longer perform miracles. [NYT]

You know Rockport shoes, right?  The kind your guidance counselor or pediatrician wore?  Well, in an effort to update their clientèle, the footwear brand is rolling out a younger, hipper line, and, to be honest, they're not that bad. [Material Interest]

Guess? may always be synonymous with denim, but with the launch of their upscale Black Label this September, they're hoping to change that.  It might sting a little bit to wear a suit with a Guess? label, but, take it from someone who has seen the collection, it looks pretty good. [DNR]


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