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was wondering if penny loafers are still ok to wear? I like to wear my
Bass Weejuns all the time with jeans or khakis. They are really
comfortable once they get broken in. I like the look, and I want to get
a new pair but I want to know if they are in style?

penny loafer is the ultimate in classic preppy footwear that has
adorned men’s feet since the mid-1930s when Bass debuted the Weejun. If
prep-school style is in fashion -- and it always seems to be -- then
you can work those classic kicks. The moccasin-inspired penny loafer is
a footwear staple and you’ll only start to see more of them as the fall
season (and fall semester) approaches. Cole Haan, the esteemed footwear
brand who has been hawking penny loafers for decades, is celebrating 80
years and highlighting a number of beautiful loafers in their spring
and summer collections. So, if you can’t find your beloved Bass
Weejuns, Cole Haan will certainly satisfy your loafer craving. But
please, avoid slipping a copper penny in the strap at all costs. Some
people take fashion too literally.

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