In Marc Anthony's Pants; Armani Goes Virtual; Avon Calls Reese; Miu Miu Makeover; Pucci for All Mankind

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Get into Marc Anthony's pants! Buy the vintage costumes from J.Lo and Marc Anthony's film Gigli 2 El Cantante. [WWD]

Emporio Armani scratches a virtual itch and plans to open an online store in Second Life—the virtual world inhabited by thousands  (if not millions) of computer nerds and teens. Now your avatar can sport designer duds. [WWD, sub reqd]

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon answers the Avon call and becomes the brands global ambassador—whatever that is. [Fashion Week Daily]

The SoHo Miu Miu store gets a swanky makeover and the Times was there to give it a hysterical review. [NY Times]

Emilio Pucci teams up with Seven for All Mankind to create a line of sherbet-colored denim for women. I know some of you skinny queens wear womens jeans. [Fashionista]

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