Nice Jeans, Wanna Date?

Dating can be so complicated these days—especially for gay men. Not only must you worry about your date living up to his well-lit and art directed photos, but he has to be your sexual compliment (a catcher to your pitcher, etc.), meet your criteria for career, hold similar beliefs about romance and relationships—and look good at your side. Luckily, Diesel hopes to help out with that last bit by offering a style-oriented dating service, Denim Dating.

While it might sound odd at first, it's important for boyfriends to look good together and having a similar style can certainly help. Besides, if you find someone who wears the same size pair of Zathans, then you can won't have to worry about packing an overnight bag each time you stay at his house. And let's be honest, don't you know a few gay men who date guys that look just like them?

Take this opportunity to find your style soul mate at


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