A Wonderbra for Men?

You can put that sock back on your foot, chico. The Aussiebum Wonderjock promises to do for the male anatomy what the Wonderbra does for tits, employing "pouch technology" to achieve a "lifting and enhancing" effect on the jewels.

Either the ghost of metrosexuality has been raised from its grave, or Aussiebum is really counting on the gays to be enthusiastic adopters of this new technology.

After watching this video of a model tugging at his wonderjock, we're wondering if the thing can possibly be comfortable to wear.

Undiesdrawer explores the Wonderjock pouch from the inside.

A dismissive Dethroner says, "there is no way that any man, gay or straight, should ever wear these grotesque undies."

Kyliefan explains the controversy over Aussiebum's "Guess who's got Americans by the balls?" campaign.
Why not play the Wonderjock game?

Photo: Getty Images

Tags: Truman Says

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