Baths' Summer Soundtrack

Baths' Summer Soundtrack

Obsidian, the sophomore effort from L.A. beatmaker Will Wiesenfeld (aka Baths), tackles the black plague and the Bible but still manages to be pretty, pulsey, and funny. The album is out May 28 and Baths is already on a lengthy North American tour (see dates). We asked Wiesenfeld for three tracks from his summer play list.

Video for Baths' "Miasma Sky" below:

As Wiesenfeld explains, Azeda Booth is "my biggest obsession at the moment. It’s so emotional, and there’s so much to deconstruct in both the lyrics and the music."

Watch the video for "Big Fists" below:

Wiesenfeld says, Emptyset "produces a unique, heavily distorted, sort of terrifying vision of bass music unlike anything I've heard before."

Watch the video for "Collapse" below:

“I’m so excited for Empire of the Sun's new record," says Wiesenfeld. "The singles off their last album [Walking on a Dream] were my favorite songs of that year.”

Watch Empire of the Sun's video for "Alive":

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