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'P.S. Gay Car'

'P.S. Gay Car'

Fortress of Attitude, a New York-based comedy band, found a letter from someone who tried to be funny and insulting by calling the group members gay for their crappy parking job. The person who wrote the letter said he or she does not disapprove of homosexuals, but still chooses to use use the word 'gay' as derogatory.

In response, the band turned the words from the letter in to song "P.S. Gay Car," and released a music video featuring the Fagbug, which was born from a 2007 homophobic hate crime on a gay woman's car. Like the Fagbug, the band has also created a pro-gay response to the homophobic attitude and actions of others, they even go ahead and manage to insult Chick-fil-A in the video.

Tags: Popnography

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