‘Primadonna’ Lip-synced by New York’s Best and Booziest

‘Primadonna’ Lip-synced by New York’s Best and Booziest

Have you watched that Abercrombie and Fitch “Call Me Maybe” video so many times that you hate abs? Want a new song and a new scene? Don’t worry, we got you. How about Marina & the Diamonds’s hit “Primadonna” and a raunchy East Village dive bar? Shall we swap out the chiseled Abercrombie guys for New York’s premier drag queens, party boys, freaks, and femme fatales? Then what if we topped it all off with a healthy dose of vodka and Schedule I party favors and shake well? The result would look exactly like what we have below: Marco Ovando’s cooked up, boozy, glittery homage to Marina & the Diamonds features Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Roxy Cottontail, Cherie Lily, and Epiphany Get Paid—for the uninitiated, all high profile NYC downtown scenesters. Marina herself gave the video her seal of approval, tweeting “Primadonna got a lil New York make-over by Amanda Lepore, Roxy Cottontail & Co... (!!!!)” Good job team!
Watch this gorgeous hot mess below.

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