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EXCLUSIVE: Cazwell & Amanda Lepore Remix Videos


The musical collaborators discuss their creative bonds and influences. Plus: Remix videos for 'Unzip Me' and 'Doin' It My Way'


Seeing Amanda Lepore and Cazwell together, you immediately detect their deep bond. All that macho swagger he presents in his videos is gone, and he seems to bask in his muse's radiance. And she is something more than his muse to hear them tell it--and is also his protege. Lepore had a similar situation when photographer David Lachapelle urged her to model and she transformed into a fashion icon.

Dressed in a low-cut dress to accentuate her ample bosom, with a fur stole elegantly draped over her shoulders, Lepore is immaculately made up with her signature bright red lips and never-to-be mistaken face and she begins to explains how they came to work together.

"I feel Cazwell's like David Lachapelle. Cazwell is so talented; he writes everything. He's really meticulous. I think he took over when Lachapelle went to art," Lepore says. "I'm more passive. I need to be pushed. Cazwell pushed me to do this the same way David pushed me to do the modeling."

Cazwell says he just felt like Lepore had so much more than an interesting face, so he wrote her a song, "Champagne," urged her to take voice lessons, and stuck by her to assist in her transformation into a pop singer.

"She has a really interesting life and point of view, and the one thing that was missing about Amanda before: She used to sit behind a bottle; she was just this face," he explains. "But when you get to know her, she has this really amazing life and outlook on life. I felt like, if everyone go to know that, it would make her a hundred times more powerful. I didn't know a way to do that besides music. I don't know how to write scripts or plays. It just happened naturally."

Lepore credits Lady Gaga for allowing people to come and accept her signature style and look.

"I think Lady Gaga, she revamped the whole thing. She's the number one pop star in the world, and it really changed things and made it different: It became cool to dress up. I never stopped. It's just a part of my lifestyle--being girly," Lepore says. "Not fitting in so it didn't really matter. Now I have this new generation of 15-year-old kids waving at me. I think if Gaga wasn't around it wouldn't be that way. Even when I was modeling, I would do the biggest things. I was working as much as Naomi Campbell but I was still looked down upon. Like, when is that going to be over. Like I'm a freak. Lady Gaga made it respectable."

The latest song Cazwell penned for la Lepore is titled "Doin' It My Way," and in it, she vamps and sings in her naughty couture. At the same time Cazwell has collaborated with Peaches on his own song, "Unzip Me."

"That was definitely some vision board shit," Cazwell says in reference to getting to work with Peaches, one of his heroes. "I sent her three tracks. I actually wrote a duet for her called "I Changed My Mind," but she chose 'Unzip Me.' She and Amanda are both Scorpios, and they get along, too.

"Peaches has a very punk rock mentality; she let's people come to her. I mean, I want to be like her. If you've seen her live she's just amazing. That's how I want to live my life. I want to DJ and perform. I want to perform more than I want to DJ. She's a visual artist. She doesn't follow any rules as far as any of that shit. That's the way it should be. She's not trying to be Britney spears. But Britney's people will reach out to her to get a song done. If you just stick to what it is. Just like Amanda in fashion: If you just stick to what you do, if you stick to what you're good at, people will come around."

EXCLUSIVE: Remix of Amanda Lepore's "Doin' It My Way" (Jochen Simms Remix Video by Sid Licious)

EXCLUSIVE: Remix of Cazwell & Peaches's "Unzip Me" (WAWA remix video by Sid Licious)

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