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SOUNDCHECK: Penguin Prison


Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, explains his writing process and influences on his debut album.

Chris Glover has a slight frame--but a big voice. Under the moniker Penguin Prison, a funny-sounding name that belies the seriousness of his musical intentions. Although he sounds diffident when he discusses his work, Penguin Prison is known for a high-energy, good time. And it's OK to call it pop, he explained when he recently visited our studio and spoke to us about the process of his songwriting and the influences on his sound. The singer-songwriter also wants to make sure people know it's OK to have a good time. "I think all music is about having a good time. A lot of people when they come to shows, they want to have a good time, but they are either embarrassed or shy," he explained. "t's our job as entertainers to make sure they know that it's OK to have fun."

He also recorded acoustic version of his songs "Golden Train" and "Don't F*ck With My Money," and explained that the latter wasn't prompted by the Occupy Wall Street movement, but he decided to join the fray and record his black-and-white video among the protestors."I wrote the song way before, but I was thinking along the lines of the financial crisis that we're in. I wanted to make a video and ten Occupy Wall Street started. I marched with the protests that were happening and filmed it."

Watch: Face to Face with Penguin Prison

Watch Penguin Prison performs an acoustic set of "Don't Fuck With My Money"

Watch: Penguin Prison performs an acoustiv version of "Golden Train"

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