Nicki Minaj Takes Over Times Square to Launch of Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T

Nicki Minaj Takes Over Times Square to Launch of Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T

Every time a new smartphone is launched, you can expect a whole lotta hoopla to accompany its arrival. And while it may seem that the omnipotent iPhone is the king of all mobile phones, competitors are undeterred in attempting to dethrone Apple's magical machine. Hence, Nokia's latest iteration of it's award-winning Nokia Lumia 900, which is officially available for purchase on today. In addition to the exisiting bells and whistles (1.4 GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera, sleek touchscreen-enabled design,  and extensive support of many, many popular apps—Facebook and Twitter included, you Social Media obsessives) the phone is now available through AT&T, so you'll have access to its lightning speed 4G LTE network. 

But those geeky details only enthrall a small majority of people. What really may pique people's interest is the way in which they launched the new product. In a mindblowing coup, Nokia somehow secured one of the world's biggest musical artists, Ms. Nicki Minaj, to perform in Times Square as a christening. The full-throttle takeover of the most heavily-trafficed intersection in New York City must have taken months of planning, negotiations, and logistical scheming to pull off, but the ambush approach was definitely a stellar way to ganer attention and ensure that the Lumia 900 arrived in style. 

Nicki Minaj Nokia Lumia 900 Att

To see Minaj's performance for the launch, check out the video below:

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