Downton Abbey, Meet Beyoncé

Downton Abbey, Meet Beyoncé

Gay culture has always celebrated, and reveled in, both high and low culture. Personally, I love nothing more than a Sunday matinee of Chekov followed by a night visit to The Cock, and it's questionably sticky floors. So it would make sense that my two latest obsessions are the soapy period drama Downton Abbey (Dame Maggie Smith betta werq) and the flawless, talented, and all-around breathtaking popstress Beyoncé Knowles (welcome Blue Ivy!). Yet, in my brain, those are two very different realms, that of late Edwardian politics (personal and beyond) and musical diva-dom, and the two shall never overlap—but (happily) I've been proven wrong. Voilá: Donwton Abbeyoncé a fusing of the two milieus by connecting them via their shared underlying theme—girl power. Get into it. 

Tags: Television

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