Even Adele's Tour Rider Is Charming

Even Adele's Tour Rider Is Charming

What timing for Adele—in the week that New York's Nitsuh Abebe asked, "Do you know anyone who really dislikes her?"—to have her tour rider posted on The Smoking Gun. But wait. What's this? It's actually charming?

On the rider, instead of bowls of green M&Ms, you'll find mandatory charity donations from all guests at the concert, as well as a "squeezy" bottles of non-organic honey, Marlboro Lights, and, for her band, a selection of European lager ("North American beer is NOT acceptable") and a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc ("NO CHARDONNAY!").

We largely agree with Adele's high-low taste (who doesn't love a box of organic muesli and a bite-size Twix after a night of belting it out?). And we're also delighted, coming from a dominant Billboard No. 1 artist, that the list doesn't include some more ridiculous items, like a fresh toilet seat installed at every venue, à la Mary J. Blige.

Photo: Perry Ogden

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