Existential Question: Is Channing Tatum's Nudity Always Necessary?

Existential Question: Is Channing Tatum's Nudity Always Necessary?

Here at Out, we like to be at the forefront of not just pop culture, but rigorous intellectual debate, by asking tough questions of ourselves and our readers. Today, Us Weekly throws us a curve-ball of an interview with Channing Tatum and his wife [Ed. What was that? Width? Wythe? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last word!], in which they discuss Tatum's nudity in the upcoming The Vow, about a man whose wife is losing her memory. Or something. I forget!

"I was like, 'There's his butt on the screen,'" says a woman named Jenna Dewan, who is married [I can't hear you!] to Tatum. "But it's completely screen-worthy. It's definitely going to be something people rewind and play."

Well, of course it is.

"That wasn't gratuitous," Tatum chimed in. "That was necessary."

Completely necessary. Vital, even.

What say you, Channing Tatum, about shirtlessness? "It was like, 'Do I really need to have my shirt off to take out the garbage while eating a piece of pizza and picking up a cat?' Shirtless? Was that really necessary?"

HA. Are you kidding? That's a joke, right... right?

Is there any other way for Channing Tatum to eat a slice of pizza and pick up a cat? I'm confused. My worldview is fundamentally shifting. Are there any readers who dare to confront this question head-on?

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