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Trailer Trash: 'W.E.'


What W.E. think about Madonna's new film.

Have you heard? Madge is coming out with a big ol' film this February, one about the Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward affair that scandalized the British monarchy in the 1930s. Well, of course you've heard, because there's already a sizable pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic controversy engulfing it. Below, the Out staff reacts to the first glimpses of W.E. (it stands for WALLIS and EDWARD--we found that confusing as well!):

Abbie Cornish looks about as bored as I was while watching this trailer...
-Raef Harrison, Web Editor

The beginning is reminiscent of the museum scene in X2: X-Men United. Madonna is the best choice of a director to explore the lives of Nazi sympathizers.
-William Van Meter, Features Editor

I can't help but think of this in the vein of a late Woody Allen film and try to figure out who is playing the Madonna character. Is it Abbie Cornish? Is it Andrea Riseborough? Is it Natalie Dormer? (Or a combination of all three?) I must say, however, this does seem to be perfect timing for all those who got a taste of the intrigue around Wallis Simpson in The King's Speech--and never tire of witnessing a Madonna film train wreck.
-Jerry Portwood, Managing Editor

W.E. hate it.
-Annie Chia, Photo Director

It looks like it would be interesting and fun, but isn't that Madonna's whole gambit? We all think she's going to do something really interesting and smart enough to make the British accent seem appropriate and we end up wrong. Again. Anyway, as far as trailers go, this one, with its Inside Man meets Julian Fellowes vibe, is interesting enough to get excited about.
-Adam Rathe, Senior Editor

I actually have nothing to say about the Madonna movie. SPEECH. LESS.
-Sarah Olin, Associate Art Director

I just watched it... and can't remember anything about it. On the plus side, at least Madonna isn't in it...
-Justin Ocean, Travel Editor

Everyone I know who has seen this has told me that it's the prettiest pile of crap they've ever watched, but the trailer worked its rom-com magic on me. I'm a sucker for a movie with two main plots that parallel one another (Sliding Doors anyone? No, seriously, anyone?) and if you add a sappy song at the end of the trailer, chances are I'll watch it. Madonna's involvement in this strangely has no effect on me.
-Max Berlinger, Assistant Editor

Is it sad that I'm more concerned with the historical accuracy of the late '90s than pre-WWII England? I will never forgive Madonna if there's not one track by either the quad-membered Destiny's Child, Third Eye Blind, or, ahem, BRANDY & MONICA. Just sayin'.
-Mike Berlin, Copy Editor

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