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Trailer Trash: 'Mirror Mirror' vs. 'Snow White and the Huntsman'


Hollywood's fairy-tale arms race rages on.

For anyone who witnessed the Prestige/Illusionist debacle of 2006--in which two movie studios very logically put out completely separate historical dramas about turn-of-the-century magicians within two months of each other--Hollywood copycatting won't come as a surprise. But perhaps when this phenomenon is characterized by two films committing the same cardinal sin, fairy tale re-invention, does it really strike a loud, flat note. Below, the trailers for 2012's two Snow White adaptations, Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, and what the Out staff has to say about them.

Five reasons I'm more likely to see Mirror, Mirror (but really, probably neither):
1. Lack of a Twilight star
2. Actual dwarf representation (I mean, isn't that the whole point?)
3. The J-Roberts laugh makes a cameo
4. So do Armie Hammer's abs
5. "SNOW WAY!"
Sarah Olin, Associate Art Director

This is what bugs me: Both of these movies have great potential to be absolutely terrible in different ways, but because they are competing against each other, people will inevitably see not one, but both of them for the sake of comparison.
Mirror: From what I can tell, Julia Roberts is going to try to carry Mirror, Mirror with her trademark laugh (see 1:22) and an on-again-off-again faux British accent that all American actors use for royalty (fairy-tale, otherwise) and Europe. But she looks so awkward--wicked does not suit her. Also, that Bollywood intro? The Scarface gag from the dwarves? Way to up the cheese factor--I'm definitely taking my non-existent niece (and a Vicodin) to see this.
Huntsman: Charlize looks divinely evil, emerging milkily from her vanilla Jello pudding bath, but are we to believe that Kristen Stewart would actually be termed "fairest of them all" in comparison? And please, that soundtrack is sounding awfully Social Network: I should know--I listen to it on repeat to make everyday activities seem more exciting and purposeful (cleaning crumbs out of my keyboard/beard, shuffling papers around my desk aimlessly, etc.).
Verdict: I will see both and review them on this website, but will only be taking notes during Armie Hammer's shirtless scene in Mirror.
Mike Berlin, Copy Editor

Mirror, Mirror: What's the deal with Julia Roberts mentioning financial troubles? She's a witch--can't she use her magical powers to conjure up some cash?
Huntsman: Even though it seems unlikely from the trailer, I hope Snow White (Kristen Stewart) bites the apple early so she just sleeps through the whole thing.
Verdict--If I had to see one, it would be Huntsman. Charlize Theron and the darker mood are big sellers for me.
Henry Watson, Associate Photo Editor

Huntsman: So Thor came down to Middle Earth... And there's something about birds and a vampire/wolf baby? Charlize Theron bathing in milk? (She really is a Monster.) I think the wrath of the Titans will make Tarsem pay for trying to do some mischief with her Precious fable.
Mirror, Mirror: I've always wanted to see Julia Roberts in a Bollywood film. At last!
Jerry Portwood, Managing Editor

Toss up!
The Witch: Charlize Theron in Huntsman looks smokin'-hot crazy, while Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror is... well, Julia Roberts in a hoop dress.
The Hunter: Chris Hemsworth's yawn-inducing performance in Thor makes me nervous about Huntsman, while Armie Hammer appears swoon-worthy in Mirror Mirror, with just enough shirtlessness to peak my interest yet not offend Middle American moms.
Snow White: Kristen Stewart--ew. Lily Collins--who?
Overall: Huntsman seems like a dark, sexy fairy tale you wouldn't bring your kids to. Mirror, Mirror seems like a pared-down Bollywood film.
Raef Harrison, Web Editor

First off, as a trend I'm not into the whole re-imagining of fairy tales unless Stephen Sondheim is setting it to music and Bernadette Peters is involved. It also seems weird that two studios would release these incredibly similar conceits at the same time.
Ultimately, I'm only really interested in the evil queens in these movies and Charlize is dominating. I want a stunningly beautiful yet terribly vile queen--it reminds me of most of my girl friends--not a quirky, feel-good version. That's lame. Julia also seems terribly miscast and uncomfortable. But it's incredibly doubtful that I'll see either of these.
Max Berlinger, Assistant Editor

If a third one turns up, I will kill myself.
Annie Chia, Photo Director

Charlize Theron is going to turn into birds and peck the shit out of Julia Roberts for even trying to make another Snow White movie. Though the impact upon Mirror, Mirror's inevitable bomb might take care of the Pretty Woman without La Theron having to lift a single evil finger.
Adam Rathe, Senior Editor

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