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Trailer Trash: 'The Iron Lady'


MERYL STREEP—need we say more?

The trailer for The Iron Lady just dropped and it. is. EPIC. Meryl Streep is clearly gunning for a 17th Oscar nomination, and will probably win it (and the Golden Globe and the Nobel Peace Prize and the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election) for her embodiment of British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Below, the Out staff reacts!

"Dear Mer,
I heart you. Here is your Oscar.
P.s. Please tell Mamie that she is better than a recycled ABC medical drama."
Raef Harrison, Web Editor

"A million girls would kill for this job."
-Sarah Olin, Associate Art Director

"Best makeover montage since European Vacation."
-William Van Meter, Features Editor

"Is that Colin Firth? Is she gonna stutter now? But really: I grew up with Ronnie & Maggie so I don't really feel like reliving that time period (although I never expected to hear Madness's "Our House" accompanying her ladyship). And Helen Mirren, I mean Meryl, is delivering some serious Thatcher realness. Oh, and I want the Falkland Islands back, too."
-Jerry Portwood, Managing Editor

"I can't think of Mrs. Thatcher without thinking of The Exploited. I am sure this is on the soundtrack somewhere, right?"
-Adam Rathe, Senior Editor

"Meryl's looking a little Bette Midler there, no? Like Hocus Pocus Bette."
-Henry Watson, Associate Photo Editor

"1. YEEESSSS. Thank God Meryl has made that horrendousKing's Speech culturally obsolete! 2. Ditto Frost/Nixon. 3. Who threaded that hairline?!"
-Mike Berlin, Copy Editor

"If only Meryl HAD been British prime minister. Wait, there's still time..."
-Aaron Hicklin, Editor in Chief

"OK, so I'm going to try to remain as calm as humanly possible, because I'm quite possibly the world's biggest Meryl Streep fan--no joke. To cast her as one of the most controversial women in history is an obvious ploy for an Oscar, and Meryl--of course--looks not only like she is chomping away at the scenery, but also like she's having a great deal of fun doing it. I often like to defer to what the New York Times film critic A.O. Scott wrote in his review of Julie & Julia:

"By now this actress [editor's note: Streep, obviously] has exhausted every superlative that exists and to suggest that she has outdone herself is only to say that she's done it again. Her performance goes beyond physical imitation, though she has the rounded shoulders and the fluting voice down perfectly.

Often when gifted actors impersonate real, familiar people, they overshadow the originals, so that, for example, you can't think of Ray Charles without seeing Jamie Foxx, or Truman Capote without envisioning Philip Seymour Hoffman. But Ms. Streep's incarnation of Julia Child has the opposite effect, making the real Julia, who died in 2004, more vivid, more alive, than ever."

In other words, Scott is saying that MERYL'S PORTRAYAL OF THESE REAL PEOPLE MAKES THEIR ACTUAL EXISTENCES MORE MEANINGFUL. She is literally better at being Julia Child than Julia Child was, and will probably do the same for Thatcher. That is some transcendental shit right there. The trailer alone demonstrates that this is going to be one of those performances where she works out every one of her actor's muscles--it's going to be one of those feats where she just give an emotional A-to-Z tour de force. She's never been down for a one-note imitation. Sometimes I wonder, when Meryl gets a juicy role like this, if it's even worth including the "Best Actress" category in the Academy Awards. No matter how mopey-sad-face Kirsten Dunst was in Melancholia, it's like pitting an elementary school T-baller against Babe Ruth. They're playing in different leagues, my friends.

Needless to say, I'm excited, and if the damn PR girl for the film would stop ignoring me, I'd be confirmed for the first press screening of it already."
-Max Berlinger, Assistant Editor

"Is it my imagination, or does Meryl 'raise the roof' at 0:46?"
-Annie Chia, Photo Director

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