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The Morning After


'Tragic Glamour' glimpses at life after the party ends

Pictured Derek Warburton (left) and Christopher Logan

In today's society, much attention is paid to the glitz and allure found in the limelight and the individuals caught in its crosshairs. Few have ventured to examine what it looks like after the lights have dimmed and the dust has settled.

Tragic-glamour-1In the exhibit Tragic Glamour, the brainchild of former Heatherette creative director and club kid du jour Richie Rich (on view July 11 at the Pop International Galleries), photographer Christopher Logan attempts to shine light on the fashion and pop culture star, revealing a side of him that's seldom been seen before.

"People view Richie Rich as something of an untouchable today," Logan said. "I wanted to break that wall and reveal his human side."

The collection of photographs, which were shot by Logan and styled by Derek Warburton, features Rich and Ross Higgins donning characteristically colorful ensembles while posing in various parts of Brooklyn.

"We shot the story in my neighborhood in Bushwick," Logan explains, "which I feel has the flavor of old New York, reminiscent of when Richie and his friends were at the peak of stardom in pop culture."

For Warburton, the exhibit gave him the opportunity to shine a new light on Richie Rich, an individual who simultaneously embodies both the tragic and the glamorous. "Here is a man who was celebrated for being a peacock and built a big career out of it," Warburton says. "Then, over time, the lights came up, and here is a figure that seems completely lost in the bright light of day."

And while the newfound light isn't necessarily always flattering, it proves to be absolutely fascinating.

Tragic Glamour opens Wednesday, July 11, at Pop International Gallery at 473 West Broadway.

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