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Xtina Sings Aretha Franklin's "Think" in Disguise On a Subway Platform (Watch)

Christina Aguilera Subway

Filming a segment for The Tonight Show, Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon went undercover in frankly terrible disguises on Wednesday, performing Aretha Franklin's "Think" and her own equally iconic anthem "Fighter." Xtina, outfitted in a huge hat, quickly shed the disguise and riffed her way into our hearts again. Our main question is...what train was she waiting for?

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The full segment is expected to air Thursday on Fallon's late night talk show, but several commuters got great video of the surprise show.

Xtina's new album Liberation is out June 15. 

*Editor's Note: We re-posted this story with the correct song information. Xtina is, in fact, singing "Think" by Aretha Franklin.

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