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MTV is Working On a Live-Action Aeon Flux Series

MTV is Working On a Live-Action 'Aeon Flux' Series

MTV is working to bring iconic 90s animated series Aeon Flux back to television in a live action reboot, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The series, about a scantily-clad assassin with a fly in her eye — don't ask — was made into a live-action film in 2005 starring Charlize Theron that flopped hardcore, not even making back its budget. MTV is hoping a TV series will do better.

Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis will write the scrip and executive produce alongside The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd, who produced the 2005 film.

Aeon Flux, both the original series and to a lesser extent the film, is a cult favorite about biohacking rebels attempting to save humanity. The original series was part of MTV's experimental Liquid Television. 


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